Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Brianne, the Photographer:

Brianne-Bradbury-Photography-Huntley-Photographer-21) I dream of Scotland.

When I studied for a year at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, I fell in love with the the vibrant green landscape and the amazing culture. Everyone is so welcoming and it’s like Cheers, but a country. It is my dream to photograph there… Destination wedding, anyone?

2) I got cred.

Since earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the world-renowned Photography department at Columbia College in Chicago, I began my journey as a “second shooter” for a wedding photographer in 2008… and haven’t looked back, with nearly 10 years’ experience doing what I love.

3) Digital is dead! Long live prints!

Ok, digital is NOT dead… But I am passionate about bringing back photo heirlooms. You remember those, right? Framed, professional prints? Treasured picture albums? I’m not anti-digital… I just see SO many images getting stuck on a computer, never to be seen again—precious memories, hidden on a hard drive or in the cloud somewhere. I am on a MISSION to bring photo heirlooms BACK!

4) I am a straight-up camera geek.

I LOVE my 5D Mark IIs! My favorite lens is the 24-70 2.8, but—as per usual—I’ll be upgrading soon!

5) No really, I love taking wedding pictures.

I admit it: when I first started as a backup photographer at weddings, it was just for the extra cash… but I soon realized that people show genuine, heartfelt happiness at weddings. Before long, I couldn’t wait to capture those glimpses into the lives of my clients. And then watching those same clients grow their families… Being invited to photograph their baby bellies, firstborn’s milestones, family portraits… I admit it: Capturing life’s tender moments is truly one of the best things about my work.

What You Should Know About Brianne, the Person:

(Yes, I know a photographer is a person, but you get the idea…)

1) I love to cook and bake.

I love to experiment with different cuisines—Mexican and Thai being my favorites to eat—and I’m getting better at making Korean food! I have a blast inviting my friends over for a make-your-own-sushi night.

2) Recommend me! A good book, that is 😉

Reading is how I relax, so I am always up for a good recommendation. My favorites: mysteries, historical novels and Harry Potter … anything but political books. What are you reading right now?

3) My dog Penny is my go-to model… much to her dismay.ExnerMarshPortraitSession_PetPhotography-4

My sweet, poor dog! As a photographer, I often need to test locations, lighting and props. And although Penny protests, she does actually (if mournfully) stay put… My husband Steve… not so much.

4) Framed pictures make me happy.

Not just any framed pictures, of course. Memories I’ve captured on camera, along with photographs collected from my parents and grandparents, cover my living room wall, in an array of eclectic frames. Seeing them makes my heart happy every day.