Why are prints so important?










Prints and heirloom products are IMPORTANT!  Whoa sorry about all the yelling, but this is definitely something I feel passionate about. I love being able to look at my walls and relive the memories everyday or look through my wedding album and have all the love of the day come back to me.

I went to visit my grandma three years ago in Carson City, NV. It’s not always the most exciting visit because my grandma is now rocking it in her late 80’s, but my absolute favorite thing about my visits are the stories. My grandpa passed away over ten years ago, but when my grandma talks about him it’s like he’s sitting next to us quietly grinning.

I had just purchased my house and still had bare walls, but my plan was to put up photographs that make me happy. I told my grandma and she pulled out a box of old photographs. We spent the entire week and went through the box every morning. My allergies went crazy (stupid dust mites), but it was worth it. The memories and stories associated with each picture were amazing to hear and now my wall is full of those stories. My favorite picture is of their wedding day and how they wanted to get married two months after knowing each other, but were waiting for her brother to get back from the Korean war. He didn’t even get to attend because they just couldn’t wait a second longer. It was definitely love at first sight!

I want to capture your story and hopefully one day you can sit down and look through your prints or albums with your grandchildren instead of gathering around a computer screen.

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